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A Johan Barthold Jongkind rose
What better homage to Jongkind on the 120th anniversary of his death than a rose in his name? This is a rose bred by the British rose specialist Christopher Warner and grown and distributed by the "Rosiers Félix" nursery at Le Grand-Lemps in Isère.

The Félix nursery is one of France's great producers of roses, and it is part of the smaller circle of introducers of new varieties. Félix works with a dozen creators of rose varieties.

The Johan Barthold Jongkind ® Chewalbygold rose came into being at the end of the 1990s - it can take a decade to "create" a new rose, ensuring its attractiveness and hardiness, both to harsh winters and scorching summers. Roses will also have to adapt themselves to a variety of not always easy soils. Our painter's rose has a delicate apricot shading with a corolla of white outer petals and a musky fragrance. It is remarkably resistant to disease, and can reach a height of nine or ten feet with an abundance of blooms.

The Félix nurseries have donated rosebushes to accompany the Jongkind silhouette statues at La Côte-Saint-André and Virieu, as well as for the very first information plaque installed at Blandin in the Bourbre valley. Many of our members were present at the planting ceremonies, with a very satisfying number of local officials present (MP, county councillors and mayors…) reflecting the respect our association has now earned in the north of the Dauphiné.

Félix has also offered rosebushes to Mme Boyer - in recognition of her late husband Senator Jean Boyer's support for Jongkind's cause - and also to Mme Lieutier in memory of our friend Jean-Pierre Lieutier, who had played such an active part in the events and outings organised by our association.

You are welcome to contact Rosiers Félix if you are interested in obtaining the Johan Barthold Jongkind ® Chewalbygold rose.

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