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A Jongkind watercolour donated to the Commune of Virieu

Mrs Suzanne Lecomte - daughter of Joseph Laforge, the famous Grenoble art dealer who did a great deal to further Jongkind's artistic career - donated a Jongkind watercolour to the Virieu commune in the summer of 2010. The painting shows the hay being brought in on the town's Place du Trêve.

The conservation of watercolours of course is a particularly delicate operation. The work will have to be kept in protective storage, and it will not, unfortunately, be on permanent exhibition for local admirers. It was,however, brought out for Virieu Council's traditional New Year ceremony in January 2011.

Members of the association were also privileged to a private showing on 12 March 2011, when Virieu's mayor, Michel Morel, invited participants to a toast at the town hall with a private viewing of the painting, at the end of the rose-planting ceremony on the Jongkind Square in Virieu to commemorate the 120 years since Jongkind's death.

The watercolour was actually one of Jongkind's more advanced studies for an oil painting of the Place du Trêve; the oil is now owned by a Dutch collector.

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