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This website is dedicated to the work of the Dutch landscape artist, Johan Barthold Jongkind. It focuses particularly on the artist's period in the Dauphiné region of France, where he spent the last twenty years of his life.

The menu on the left of this page will take you to information on Jongkind and his influence as an artist, as well as to examples of his art. The menu on the right will take you to pages covering the activities of our association In the Steps of Jongkind in the Dauphiné. We would encourage you to start your wanderings with a Portrait of Jongkind.

The aims of our association are to introduce the work of Jongkind to a wider audience. We organise conferences and exhibitions in our region, and also visits to the sites that Jongkind painted in the Dauphiné. For more on this, have a look at our Activities.

The latest association news can be found here.

We are always, of course, happy to welcome new members!

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