Johan Barthold Jongkind - In the steps of Jongkind in the Dauphiné

 The association 

2009 - A year for "Jongkind in the Dauphiné"

There were a number of major events organised by our association in 2009:

¬†¬†¬† - a remarkable exhibition at the Hector Berlioz museum in La C√īte-Saint-Andr√©

    - the publication of a book on Jongkind

    - the inauguration of information plaques in the Bourbre valley and on the Bièvre plain.

There is certainly more and more talk about Jongkind in the region, and this can only be explained as the fruits of the work put in over the last few years by the members of our association. The main aim of the association is, after all, to highlight the later years of an artist of Dutch nationality who chose to spend much of his later life in our region. He died in 1891 after a brief spell in the Saint-Egr√®ve psychiatric hospital and is buried in La C√īte-Saint-Andr√©.

The exceptional exhibition, the inauguration of the plaques on the Jongkind circuit, the conferences and new book on the artist clearly class 2009 as our most productive year so far.

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