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Although our guides give their time on a voluntary basis, we do ask for a contribution to cover costs and support the association Dans les pas de Jongkind en Dauphiné:

- €5 per person for a group of up to six

- €3 per person for a group of six to sixteen

- €50 per group, for 16 participants or over.

For information and bookings please send an email to jongkind(at)

As part of its activity to make the work of Jongkind and the cultural heritage of our region more widely known, we organise guided tours in the Bourbre Valley and the town of Côte-Saint-André.

The aim of the tour is to guide visitors to the sites painted by the artist during the twenty years of his sojourn in our region. The tours are led by members of the association. There are magnificent landscapes to be admired, and a wealth of detail on the life of Jongkind or the site in question. The views are compared with reproductions of Jongkind's paintings. The quality of the landscape makes It quickly clear why Jongkind chose to set up his easel in the places he did!

The tours are generally taken by groups arriving in coaches, but we can also work on a car-sharing arrangement. Parts of the circuit are also very suitable for walkers.

Visitors decide whether they wish to go on:

• the entire one-day tour (Bourbre valley followed by La Côte-Saint-André, or vice versa)

• or a half-day tour to one or other of the destinations (the streets of La Côte-Saint-André or the winding roads of the valley).

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