The association 

The association was founded in June 2004 with the principal aim of "bringing to a wider public the life and work of Johan Barthold Jongkind". This the association strives to achieve through means both innovative and instructive.

In the field

  • we organise guided tours (on foot, by car or by coach) to the places the artist painted in the final eighteen years of his life. This includes the provision of leaflets and information panels in the field, guiding visitors' eyes over the essential features of the landscape as Jongkind painted it;

  • we organise conferences and exhibitions on the artist, his art, and his environment. We do not neglect the other landscape artists of the region, who were both influenced by Jongkind and supported him over the years. We work closely in this task with the museums of the region, and are thankful for the expertise, skills and enthusiasm of the region's experts in the work of the Dauphiné masters.


We offer:

  • to our members and supporters, access to a library of books and catalogues, CD-ROMs, DVDs, on Jongkind and his contemporaries;
  • an internet site presenting
    • information on the artist, his life and his art, reproductions of his works, and information on the museums and galleries where they may be seen;
    • the main activities of the association and the events to come;
    • the results of our research on Jongkind (localisation of his works, an inventory of the main exhibitions organised in the Dauphiné, the traces of the artist across the world…) and access to photographs of some of his work.

The affairs of the association

Besides our work on Jongkind we have striven to ensure that we play our role in the socio-cultural landscape of our region, whilst fully responding to the interests of our members. This includes:

  • a programme of visits to destinations of cultural interest;
  • participation in the artistic and cultural life of the region;
  • the publication of a members' newsletter.

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